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To be healthy is possible and may be easier than you think.       

Replenish  your body by feeding it with our botanicals of premium quality. 

There are thousands of scientific studies that explain how these natural products significantly benefit health.


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What we do for you?

At Botanica Salud, we have the mission to help people reach  the Natural Health and into every home. We want to help people to prevent diseases, improve their quality of life and general well-being

Zija botanical products provide us with Premium supplements as well as Essential Oils and other products. Being part of KEB Enterprises, Zija supplies the world and reaches unprecedented Quality Standards.

His leadership in production processes,  transparency and certifications, make a difference in the world of health and well-being.

Whether you want to help your family with their health, or if you want to earn extra income,  you can be part of the Botanica Salud & Zija team and join the Natural Health Revolution.  Watch our videos!

Only you set the limit!

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In this video we may watch how these fantastic products are produced since they are harvested until they arrive to your home. With the best  quality and the best service for you to benefit from the full potential of the brand. 

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My father had a colon cancer with general metastases. He lost 40 kg. Only botanical supplements did give him the strength & energy to keep on with his normal life, gain a bit of weight, and a quality of life while he was with us.


– Betty

I had a terrible cold allergy. Swollen, red skin and a horrible feeling of itching pins. I couldn't swim, hold or drink anything cold. Xango juice eliminated that allergy 10 years ago.


– Susan Pineda

Why we are The Best (in video) 

CBD Absorbance

Demonstration of why CBD is better when applied by a transdemal patch, continued release for at least 24 hours.

Moringa Nutritional Products

Core Moringa Products based in Moringa. A whole array of choice for best nutrition and needs.

XM+ Top Energy with Top Nutrition

All the nutrition and benefits from Moringa, plus natural botanic energizers to help you rock your day

CBD Squares use & Benefits

Revolutionary compound provides diverse therapeutical properties. Vast benefits. Greater results. Feel your best testimonies.

Essential Oils Certi 5 Difference

Pride in Purity & Quality. Safe, Natural & Effective.  Correct sourcing, validating & delivery processes. Check out.

The very best Moringa. Learn why

Highest Quality Bioavailable & concentrated nutrient-dense. Genetically pure, no chemicals

2 Min Miracle Gel

Instant visible & long term results. No complications. 7 benefits in 2 min. Antiageing. 

Plant Pro Bar 

Vegan and gluten free protein with delicious flavor. Perfect at any time boost of energy. Lean muscle growth.

Ripstix Recover

Improve results & recuperation. Branded chain amino acids & glucosamine. Fast recover after exercise. Hidrate anytime

Limitless Ripstix

Get the edge you need physically & mentally. Peak performance. Energy boost, mental acuity. You´ll love it

Moringa Super Mix

Mix in water for daily dose of 90+ vitamins, minerals, protein, omega oils, aminoacids, & other benefits

Prime for Nitric Oxide

Helps with circulation & blood flow, oxygen & nutrients to body. Supports cardiovascular, mental & physical function

Zija- by Harvard Scientist

Well known Harvard Scientist responds ten Questions on the Zija Products 

Meet Moringa

Most nutritional dense botanical on earth This  inspired the creation of Zija. It´s unique

Daily Essentials

Plant extracts, botanicals, super foods. Clean natural ingredients to look and feel the best. Cruelty free and much more

Our Quality Certificates 


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